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S.T.A.R.* Power Training

S.T.A.R.* Power Training is a dynamic seminar designed to show you how to get the M.O.S.T. 
Out of Your Team's Performance........

                            M otivation
                         O pen Communication
                         S  kill Development
                         T  eaching Power

The S.T.A.R. Power Training Program makes practical applications of recent research in sport psychology, leadership development, motivation, communication and education.

Putting research into practice to make a difference  in your team's performance is OUR GOAL.


Dick Vermiel former Head Coach of the Super Bowl XXXIV St Louis Rams and noted motivational speaker said:

"There's a real correlation between what businessmen do in managing people and what coaches do in managing people."

Contact us and we will adapt our S.T.A.R.* Power Training Program
for your management team.

Dick Vermiel and myself

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