Coaching Style Inventory

Coach: Do you Know Your Self?

Dr. Benjamin A. Leibowitz and the staff of Sports Psychology & Counseling developed the Coaching Style Inventory in order to help coaches identify their own coaching style and thus be in a position to flex their style to help get the MOST out of their team's performance.Everyone has preferences. 

Everyone has preferences. Some are more pronounced than others; some we're aware of others we are not. Behavior is not random or chaotic. If you examine a person's behavior over time you begin to notice a pattern of preference for the way in which they do things.
These patterns or preferences provide us with a frame of reference for how we will interact in different situations. Our patterns are a reflection of our personality which distinguishes us from other individuals. Alfred Adler concluded by the age of five, most individuals have formed character traits or a "style of life," which is more or less permanently fixed. The more we understand these basic personality types, the better we are able to predict and understand behavior, our own and that of others with whom we interact.
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S.T.A.R. Coaching Styles

     "I can get away with all of this because they like me; If they didn't, the Sons of Bitches would kill me."
                                                                         -Bum Phillips
     "It's the spontaneous move, the ability to make the critical play that wins the game."
                                                                         -Bill Walsh
     "Football is blocking and tackling, everything else is mythology."
                                                                         -Vince Lombardi
     "Despite the physical nature of the sport, I believe football is mostly a mental game."
                                                                         -Tom Landry
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